How to draft ICO/STO whitepaper? ISO/STO website

Need money for project launch or business expansion?

What is ICO?

The most convenient, simple and effective way to raise capital now is the ICO / STO procedure.  ICO means Initial Coin Offering (by analogy with IPO). Coins are project tokens, which team sells to investors for cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum etc.) and fiat money (fiat money is currency, the issue and nominal value of which is controlled by the state – dollars, euros, rubles, etc.) Investors are interested in buying tokens in the prospect of getting a product/service of this project at a lower price (in this case, token plays the role of the internal currency of the project and is called utility-token).  They also can obtain speculative gains upon further resale of a token on stock exchanges as its price increases in case the popularity of the project grows. After successful fundraising, the project team proceeds to bring project to live – execute further development, purchases equipment, attracts the necessary specialists and conducts a marketing campaign. The availability and simplicity of ICO have brought so many scammers into this area, the vast majority of ICO projects turned up scams. Now, to run a successful ICO can only a team with existing and already functioning product with some user base. One of examples is BitTorrent ICO, when $ 7.2 million was raised during crowd sale in just a few minutes.

Why STO is better?

More and more popular become STO (Security Token Offering) when the tokens offered to investors represent the corresponding amount of shares of the issuer’s capital, which corresponds to a certain percentage of the total capital of the issuer allocated for sale. Issued tokens can also represent convertible bonds of the issuing company. Thus, security tokens represent a kind of symbiosis of classic securities and digital assets, and unlike utility – tokens, provide their owner with the same rights as ordinary shares – voting, dividends rights, etc. STO is conducted in full compliance with the requirements of local financial regulators and the current legislation in the field of cryptocurrency.

Why whitepaper is important?

We offer a full range of services related to the ICO / STO. The initial stage of any fundraising campaign involves creating a website and whitepaper drafting – to describe the project and its further implementation stages. Whitepaper is the core basis of any project that is why it is so important to draft it perfectly, as to interest potential investors. Presented information should inspire high confidence level in the project and team. Our experts will assist you in main document drawing, conduct whitepaper audit, and offer a ready-made solutions for your project home page.