How to write a trading bot?

Why bots and what are they for?

BOT is a computer program for automating certain processes, the performance of which in ordinary cases requires time and effort of your employees. Trading bot is able to execute operations on the automatic placement of buy / sell orders on cryptocurrency and stock exchanges. Connecting to the API of a large number of exchanges allows you to earn money on arbitrage – the price difference between two or more markets (exchanges). Bot allows you to execute various trading strategies in cryptocurrency and stock trading – for example, channel trading or trading in accordance with oscillators based on technical analysis indicators. The bot can be programmed on buying up a specific currency / token on all exchanges to which it is connected or on automatic sale upon reaching a predetermined price level. In general, we can put into the program any algorithm of actions that the customer needs to achieve his goals.

How to write a bot for?

We also offer our services for writing bots in popular messengers and social networks. Such bots will help you automate the process of providing the necessary information to customers, or simplify the procedure of ordering and delivering standard products (pizza, flowers, drugs, etc.)