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Save your ASSets!

Asset tokenization is not just a fashionable expression, but a very effective tool by which it is possible to increase the liquidity of any asset. And this is much easier to do than using traditional financial instruments.  In some cases, asset tokenization is the only way to solve problems that business faces. You can tokenize anything that makes sense to tokenize. It is possible to tokenize real estate, natural resources, intellectual property, copyrights, art objects, equipment and much more. Instead of complex explanations, consider a simple example: You are the holder of some asset, for instance – commercial real estate. The asset is a little liquid if try to sell it entirely. And if you split it into a million parts, issuing tokens of this asset, when tokens represents a digital ownership certificate of this asset in proportion to the amount of tokens acquired? In this case, all token holders will be entitled to profit from the operation of this asset, to vote on issues of its direct use, relating, for example, renovation or changes in rental, as well as the distribution of profits. Moreover, tokens based on real assets can always be sold in the secondary market. This is a convenient tool representing a symbiosis of securities and digital currency, the use of which opens up new horizons for real business. In the same way, it is possible to tokenize, for example, a vehicle fleet (taxi or car rental service), a mining deposit, a brick factory, a software, a film, etc. Tokenization is a great opportunity to raise funds for your business development. Our team will take on the practical implementation of the above possibilities and help you achieve new tops!

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