Third party API integration

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Why use third party APIs?

The use of blockchain solutions and cryptocurrencies implies close interaction with external services for receiving or exchanging various data. The integration process takes place through the API. API integration is performed by analyzing the protocols of the integrated service to ensure its on-line interaction. Using the API integration, you can significantly optimize any process using ready-made solutions and not waste time and effort “reinventing the wheel”. The most relevant in case of the above information is integration with cryptocurrency exchanges and other services of this kind, which provide information on real-time cryptocurrency exchange rates, display the number of buy and sell orders, place your own orders, process cryptocurrency withdrawal and deposit. Using API, you can copy the “order book” of any cryptocurrency exchange and display it on your resource already with your margin inside, for instance, within the framework of providing a cryptocurrency exchange service. We have studied in detail the API of more than 30 operating cryptocurrency exchanges and continue increasing this number. We are glad to help you fast set the interaction with services and resources, necessary in frames of your business model.

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Siti Fitria Yonalia · August 1, 2019 at 9:00 pm

I am thankful for your blog for so many ways. Thank you for sharing, Keep posting! can i share it?

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