Private blockchains deployment (Blockchain for business)

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Get blockchained!

Blockchain is a data storing and information sharing system. All data is stored in the system as a sequential chain of blocks. Blockchain can be used for a variety of purposes – from carrying out cash transactions to keeping of personal data. Private blockchain is a system, where all nodes are controlled by the holder. The holder also determines the access levels to information for different groups of users. Blockchain can improve the performance of any system – instant data transfer, data record history excludes the possibility of fraud, data processing speed (TPS – transactions per second) is much higher than in public blockchains. In addition, all changes in the private blockchain can be made faster and more efficiently, since the management of the private blockchain is centralized. Blockchain removes unnecessary intermediaries responsible for data verification. There are more than enough examples of using the blockchain. Technology is used to store: patient’s medical data, land tenure data, certificates, diplomas, vehicle mileage data or equipment total operation time data, and also for lottery, betting, online casinos and in other areas of the gambling industry. That is, in all areas where it is required to guarantee the immutability and transparency of incoming information. The stereotype that only few companies with huge income can go to blockchain is wrong. We offer effective solutions available to any business that will increase the efficiency of its work and ensure further development in accordance with the edge achievements in this field.

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