Solidity source code based smart contracts development, testing and audit

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Be smarter with smart contract!

Creation of any token on the Ethereum blockchain, even the simplest one is not possible without writing a smart contract. For smart contracts development the object-oriented programming language Solidity is used.  When raising funds during a crowdsale campaign, a smart contract ensures the transfer of tokens to investors’ wallets upon certain conditions, for example, when ICO/STO soft cap is reached. Basically, you can set up in a smart contract any terms, the execution of which can control and execute the contract. Further monitoring of fulfillment or violation of the contract’s terms will be processed automatically, basing on the programmed algorithms. The potential of this technology is difficult to overestimate. The security of bargains based on smart contracts is higher than that of traditional legal agreements, since they are created using cryptographic methods. Smart contracts work hundreds of times faster and exclude intermediaries, unlike legally executed deals. We will help to develop a smart contract for your token sale, to analyze the possibilities of introducing smart contracts into your existing business model, will make audit of the already existing smart contracts.

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